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Albea is a leading company in the packaging sector, offering a wide range of solutions for the cosmetics, perfume, skincare and oral care markets. Recently, with the new acquisition of Rexam Personal Care, Cosmetic division, Albea confirms its global leadership in Cosmetic and Personal Care by expanding its packaging solutions to Dispensing Systems and reinforcing its offer in Tubes, Cosmetic Rigid Packaging, and Beauty Solutions

Albea is the industry pioneer and the leading global, single-source supplier of mechanical foamers, having the world widest and deepest portfolio of foam pumps. More than 2 billion of Albea’s patented foam pumps have been sold worldwide. And each and every foamer shipped is guaranteed to operate with flawless precision, for the life of the product.

These are ingenious devices that take a small amount of liquid, mix it with the right amount of air, and – with a single actuation – creates smooth, creamy foam without chemicals or propellants.



Mega Airless, the German world’s largest all-airless package solutions provider, has 25 years of airless experience and 30 patents for unsurpassed value and performance.The company’s neutral, all-plastic airless dispensers are designed to protect today’s advanced formulations and natural products for facial and skin care and are engineered for full recyclability in conformation with EcoCert, NaTru, Oko-Test and other international labels – increasingly important in countries throughout the world.

All Mega Airless dispensers are equipped with the company’s exclusive airless pump that offers unsurpassed neutrality, precise and consistent dosage, optimal product recovery and convenient 360-degree operation.  They are designed to handle a wide range of viscosities, including the most demanding new formulations used in today’s creams, gels, lotions and pastes.

The 100 percent plastic airless dispensers are made in one location (mould manufacturing, injection moulding, assembly, decoration), which eliminates complex supply chains and reduces the CO2 impact. In addition, continuous Mega Airless investment in state-of-the-art equipment delivers economic and environmental efficiencies.