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Facilities and Technology

Professional Research and Development Team

Using special software to design and construct product drawing and product prototype for custo mers

An Integrated Mould Shop

With CAD/CAM design facilities and in-house tool making, the company offers a service to customers who wish to establish their own exclusive designs in both injection moulding and blow moulding

Production Process

Blow Moulding

• Over 70 extrusion blow moulding machines producing containers up to 20lt. from various plastic resins
• Injection stretch blow moulding and injection blow moulding are available
• Extrusion blow moulding is also available for multi-layer container requirement

Injection Moudling

• Over 35 injection moulding machines producing products up to 150g from various plastic resins
• A large range of standard moulds and custom tailor-made moulds for caps, closures, jars etc. are available

Tube Extrusion

• Consist of extrusion process and injection process
• Offer both single-layer and multi-layer extrusion line
• 9 tube diameters ranging from 16mm to 49mm
• Tube length available from 45mm to 170mm

Decoration Process

Silkscreen Printing

• Decoration of round, flat, oval bottles, and jars, including collapsible tubes
• Offer multi-colour process printing
• Using conventional solvent-dried ink and UV-dried ink technology

Dry-offset Printing

• Decoration of jars and collapsible tubes
• Offer multi-colour process printing up to 6colors
• Lacquer-coated in matt or gloss finish for long-life display and enhanced barrier property
• Using conventional solvent-dried ink and UV-dried ink technology

Sticker Labelling

Apply on any shape and size of containers e.g., flat, round, oval bottle, and jars, including collapsible tubes

Shrink Labelling

Offer full 360-degree wrap-around coverage on bottles and jars of any shape and size using full-body shrink sleeve labels

Hot-Foil Stamping

• Stamping of flat, round, oval bottles, jars, and caps, including collapsible tubes
• Use of international standard foils
• Available in various colors of foils


• Various profiles of ultrasonic sealing e.g., horizontal, circular, wave, hanging etc
• Hot-air sealing is also available

Quality Assurance

Company operates in accordance with the following standard

• Dedicated full time QA team
• Thorough assurance of quality of products from production to final delivery to customers
• Performance testing of all products with various qualified measurement tools
• Leak-checking equipment integrated on-line with machine
• ISO9001: 2008 certified ensuring that our quality systems meet world class standards
• Conducted SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) audit to prove that ethical trading is taking place
• BRC IoP4 certified ensuring that our packaging are conformed to the standard of product safety, legality, and quality